Expert services

In addition to the concrete technology being used, the conditions of construction and the technical state of receiving and connecting structures also effect the planned quality and technical compliance of finished concrete structures. In the preparatory phase, we provide expert support in selecting the right contractor and consult with the selected contractor on the construction technology to be used. To minimise the risk of errors, we provide on-site technical supervision during the construction process (in construction site preparation and construction).

We assess the technical compliance of the complete structure in the course of the technical handover process.

We determine the reasons for any faults appearing in the completed structure (such as cracking, excessive cut or formed joints, crust peeling, slab shifting, resin delamination, unsuitable flatness, etc.) as part of an expert opinion process that extends to the following:

  • determination of vicarious liability,
  • determination of a technical state that does not meet the level specified in the plans (e.g. regarding load capacity),
  • specification of repair technology guidelines to ensure a lasting, safe technical condition,
  • estimation of repair costs.

In case of existing concrete structures, subsequent load capacity determination using destructive and non-destructive testing.


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